Single Plate Clutch

Single Plate Clutch The new single plate clutch now standard for Model “A”cars and “AA”trucks is composed of two major units, namely, the cover plate assembly A-7563 and the clutch disc assembly A-7550 or AA-7550. The cover plate assembly consists of a cast iron outer driving plate and a stamped cover plate in which are …

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New Solid Brake Cross Shaft

New Solid Brake Cross Shaft A new service brake cross shaft assembly has been designed and is now standard on all cars and trucks. The new shaft replaces the old style cross shaft and equalizer assembly, as the old assembly is obsolete and will not be carried for service. The new shaft is unusually efficient, …

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Generator Charge Rate

Should be adjusted to suit individual requirements. For average driving during cold weather a charging rate of 10 amperes at 1500 R. P. M. will prove satisfactory.

Phaeton and Roadster Door Handles

The new inside and outside door handles which are now furnished as standard equipment on open cars can be easily installed on Phaetons and Roadsters not so equipped, by proceeding as follows: Remove old lock. Place new lock in place, fastening with two screws to locate. Drill through square hole in lock dog, using a …

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Carburetor Choke Lever

The carburetor choke lever has been redesigned to permit easy choking when cranking the engine by hand. This change consists of adding a hole at the end of the lever (see “A,” Fig. 609) so that a wire or piece of twine can be easily attached for choking. ((609))

Breaker Arm Assembly

((588)) As an added protection against car theft, the distributor breaker arm spring is now riveted around the breaker arm spring stud (see A, Fig. 588), the thickness of the head of the stud increased and the stud case hardened. These changes add two more parts to the breaker arm assembly, namely, breaker arm spring …

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Installing Piston Pins

((618)) Under no circumstances should a hammer be used on the piston pin pilot and driver when installing a piston pin. Immersing the piston in boiling water for a minute or two will expand the piston pin hole sufficiently to permit easy installation. To correctly install pin first insert the piston pin pilot and driver …

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Engine Cylinder Head Nuts

A blown out cylinder head gasket can invariably be traced to failure to securely tighten cylinder head nuts, particularly during the first 50 miles a new car is driven. During this period the new cylinder head gasket becomes slightly compressed, as a result all of the cylinder head nuts can be taken up several times …

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