Phaeton and Roadster Door Handles

The new inside and outside door handles which are now furnished as standard equipment on open cars can be easily installed on Phaetons and Roadsters not so equipped, by proceeding as follows: Remove old lock. Place new lock in place, fastening with two screws to locate. Drill through square hole in lock dog, using a …

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Carburetor Choke Lever

The carburetor choke lever has been redesigned to permit easy choking when cranking the engine by hand. This change consists of adding a hole at the end of the lever (see “A,” Fig. 609) so that a wire or piece of twine can be easily attached for choking. ((609))

Breaker Arm Assembly

((588)) As an added protection against car theft, the distributor breaker arm spring is now riveted around the breaker arm spring stud (see A, Fig. 588), the thickness of the head of the stud increased and the stud case hardened. These changes add two more parts to the breaker arm assembly, namely, breaker arm spring …

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Installing Piston Pins

((618)) Under no circumstances should a hammer be used on the piston pin pilot and driver when installing a piston pin. Immersing the piston in boiling water for a minute or two will expand the piston pin hole sufficiently to permit easy installation. To correctly install pin first insert the piston pin pilot and driver …

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Front Wheel Alignment

((576)) Front wheel toe-in has been changed from 3/16” to 1/16” plus or minus 1/32”. (See A and B Fig. 576) This new adjustment insures the maximum front tire life. Change in spindle arm Spindle arms A-3130-B and A-3131-B have also been changed, i.e., the distance between center line of shoulder (which fits in the …

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Rear Hub Gasket

To prevent any possibility of rear axle lubricant working past the keyway in the axle shaft, the outer end of the rear hub is now counterbored 3/32” deep and a gasket (composition washer A-22374) placed in the counter-bore. The gasket is held in place by steel washer A-22371 and the axle shaft nut.

Lubricator Fittings

With the installation of the new emergency brake, two additional lubricator fittings have been added—one at each end of the emergency brake cross shaft. (See Fig 561). Grease should be forced into the fittings every 500 miles with the pressure gun.

Front Spring

When replacing a front spring clip it is necessary to withdraw the spring clip bolt from the rear side the spring as the front splash shield assembly prevents its being withdrawn from the front. Consequently, when installing a front spring be sure to install the spring with the spring clip bolt nuts facing outward as …

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Changes in Model A Carburetor

((564)) ((565)) ((566)) ((567)) ((568)) Several refinements have been made in the Model A carburetor which simplify and add to its smoothness of operation, especially at low speeds. ((569)) The original carburetor was provided with a double Venturi made up in two pieces. (See figures 422 and 423 in the January, 1928, Bulletin.). These parts …

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