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All Color Examples Are Approximate. The Colors May Look Different Based On Your Screen Settings

Color Name Years DuPont PPG Example
Andalusite Blue1928-30G8592121
Apple Green (Wheel/Stripe)1929-31, 35-36GS056518
Aqua Green1931-convertible sedanGS644*
Arabian Sand Dark1931-commercialDS092*
Arabian Sand Light1928G8883432
Aurora Red (wheel/stripe)1930-31RS5784*
Balsam Green1929GS286124
Blue Rock Green1931GS656*
Bonnie Gray1929DS149116
Bramble Brown1929L8123*
Brewster Green1929-31DS1281247
Brewster Green Light193238500*
Brewster Green Medium1932YS560*
Bronson Yellow1929-31C8067545
Bumper Clamp BlueHardingBS535*
Chelsea Blue1929GS724120
Cherokee Gray1931-commercial67258*
Chicle Drab1930-31B885491
Commercial Drabfloor assemblyDS107*
Copra Drab1928, 30-31DS094440
Cordoba Gray1934,39YS3421469
Cordoba Tan1936G88831549
Cream (stripe)1929YS309*
Dawn Gray Dark193155134*
Dawn Gray Light1931DS130*
Dearborn Blue1934-35L97301442
Duchess Blue1928-29GS733123
Duncan Blue1933DS0151296
Elkpoint Green1929-31DS127543
Emperor Brown Medium1933-34DS0841295
English Coach Vermilionpinstipe color6543*
French Gray (Stripe)1928, 30-36DS113586
Ford Engine Greenengine & transmissionDS127 / DS135*
Ford Maroon1929, 30,32DS0561011
Ford Maroon Medium1931DS064*
Ford Maroon Medium1931DS064*
Gray Green1931-commercialGS362*
Gunmetal Blue1928DS151436
Gunmetal Gray1935-36DS0781551
Hessian Blue (wheel)1930-31BS034*
Highland Green1931-commercial9598*
Kewanee Green1929DS118546
L'anse Green1931-commercialDS143*
Lawn Green1931-commercialGS364*
Light Buffmid 1929 window/modlingC9258*
Lombard Blue1931DS1921009
Mahogany B/Cwoodgrain window moldingRS650*
Manilla Brown (hardware also)1928-31B82542000
Medium Cream1929B8521125
Menclous Orange1931-commercialYS076*
Mocha Brownwindow frame colorN9235*
Moulding Gray1928-29 window moldingN9235*
Mountian Brown1929C9259*
Moleskin Brown1929-30DS079544
Mulberry Maroon1929-30 Town CarDS072*
Niagara Blue Dark1928-29BS048*
Niagara Blue Light1928-29BS047*
Old Chester Gray1933DS0941027
Old Ivory192843353295
Olive Green (mail trucks)mail trucksDS119*
Orange (wheel)1929-30G99531166
Pegex Orange1931-commercialYS183*
Pembroke Graymolding colorYS341*
Phoenix Brown1930-31YS147*
Poppy Red1934-36RS571536
Riviera Blue1931BS2151013
Rock Moss Green1929L8621117
Rose Beige1928-29DS086119
Rubelite Red1931-commercialRS536*
Satin Golden BerylDlx Roaster top ironsYS344*
Seagull Gray1931-commercialDS021*
Seal Brown1928-30DS080118
Seat Fram TanYS148*
Seat Frame Brownconvertible sedans45944*
Stone Brown1928-29TS2391016
Stone Gray Deep1931DS0241015
Tacoma Cream (wheel)1931, 33-36YS3141245
Tampa Red1931-convertible sedanRS388*
Thorne Brown1929-31L8815283
Top Iron GrayDS092*
Top Iron TanYS341*
Tunis Gray1932YS352180
Vagabond Green1928-29GS575122
Valley Green1931-commercialGS380*
Valley Green1928-29GS380161
Vermilion Red1929-3585541412
Vineyard Green1931, 34-36DS1351470
Walnut B/Cwoodgrain moldingYS176*
Washington Blue1931-32, 36G83811246
Winterleaf Brown Dark1932C8758*
Winterleaf Brown Light1932YS151*
Yukon Yellow1931-commercialYS169*
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