To supply the demand for a special low speed generator, which will keep the batteries on radio equipped police cruising cars in a charging condition at speeds below 15 miles per hour, we have released a special low speed generator, A-10000-D. This special generator begins charging at a speed of approximately 7 1⁄2 miles per hour. The output of the generator at 15 miles per hour is about 14 amperes. The generator delivers its maximum output at about 22 miles per hour.

To adjust the charging rate proceed as follows: Jack up both rear wheels of car and engage transmission in high gear.

Use a master ammeter and volt-meter when setting generator charging rate. With the engine turning over at a speed of 10 miles per hour as indicated on the speedometer, all lights and radio equipment ordinarily used when cruising should be turned on.

Adjust output of generator so that master ammeter indicates zero. (The generator sup- plying all current required.)

Turn off all lights, radio and other equipment.

Increase speed of engine until ammeter indicates maximum charging rate.

If the charging rate indicated is above 18 ammeters at 8 volts, reduce charging rate so that it does not exceed 18 amperes.

All the above adjustments should be made with a cold generator. If generator is hot the maximum charging rate should be not more than 16 amperes at 8 volts.

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