All new truck frames now have a muffler pipe bracket adapter AA-5257 riveted to the side member. This adapter permits using the Model A muffler bracket A-5256-C on the truck. It also provides additional clearance between muffler and service brake cross shaft.

This change obsoletes the old design AA- 5256-BR bracket, as they cannot be used on frames on which the new adapter has been assembled.

If after present stocks are exhausted, you should receive a call for an AA-5256-BR bracket for use on an old truck, supply adapter AA- 5257 and bracket A-5256-C. To install the new adapter on an old frame, it will be necessary to drill a it” hole in the side member 1-h” below and I.” to rear of hole for upper bolt (see Fig. 866). The adapter can then be bolted to the frame, using the same bolts, nuts and cotters that were used to fasten AA-5256-BR to frame.

Bolt A-20953, nut A-21745 and cotter A-23534 are used to assemble A-5256-C bracket to the new adapter.

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