Adjusting Breaker Contact Points

Correct adjustment of breaker contact

points and correct ignition timing play such

an important part in the satisfactory operation

of an engine, that it is absolutely necessary

that every mechanic thoroughly understand

the correct procedure.

So that there may be no misunderstanding,

we are again describing these operations.

The gap between the breaker points is set

at .018 inch to .022 inch. The gap should

occasionally be checked to see that the points

are clean and properly adjusted.

If the points are burnt or pitted they should

be dressed down with an oil stone. Do not

use a file.

To adjust the contact points proceed as


Lift off distributor cap, rotor, and body.

Turn engine over slowly with starting crank

until breaker arm rests on one of the lobes of

the cam with the breaker points fully opened.

Loosen lock screw and turn the contact

screw until the gap is at .018 to .022. A

standard thickness gauge is used to obtain

this measurement.

When correct adjustment is obtained,

tighten the lock screw. After tightening the

lock screw, again check the gap to make sure

the adjustment was not altered when the

lock screw was tightened.

Replace distributor body, rotor and cap.

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