Anti-Freeze Solution for Cooling System

While there are a number of anti-freezing solutions on the market, probably denatured alcohol and water is the most extensively used.

Below is given the proportion of alcohol and water for freezing temperatures:

Before pouring the solution into the radiator be sure there are no water leaks. Tighten hose connections and inspect water pump packing. Drain off old water and flush radiator out thoroughly.

It must be borne in mind that losses through boiling or evaporation of the alcohol weakens the solution. Consequently to keep the solution at its proper strength, it will be necessary to occasionally add alcohol until the desired hydrometer reading of the specific gravity of the solution is obtained. A hydrometer for this purpose can be purchased from any local accessory store and it is a good plan to obtain one rather than depend on guess-work.

As alcohol is a solvent of pyroxylin, extreme care must be used not to spill any of the solution on the hood.

((Table page 288))

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