Automatic Windshield Wiper for Open Cars


An electric windshield wiper, similar in design except for minor details, to that used on the Model A closed cars, is now available for open car owners who desire the added convenience of an automatic windshield wiper.

Detailed instructions covering installation are given below.

The list price of this wiper, including necessary fittings for installation, is $4.50. This price is subject to dealer’s regular discount.

How it is installed

To install the Ford automatic windshield wiper on Model A phaeton or roadster, remove hand wiper and slightly enlarge shaft hole. A rat-tail file can be used for this purpose. Shaft hole should be enlarged sufficiently to insure shaft having a free fit through windshield frame.

Remove outer half of split clam. Mount wiper on frame by inserting wiper shaft through shaft hole in frame, and installing split clamps. Before tightening clamping screws (See A, Fig 506) loosen the two nickel plated adjusting screws B, then tighten both the clamping and adjusting screws.

Remove left-hand cowl cardboard assembly.

Remove upper left screw in terminal box and mount an A-14593 grommet support under head of screw. (See Fig. 505)

Remove standard retaining clip on gas tank flange (this clip is located on the left-hand side of flange from driver seat next to dash) and replace with combination retaining clip and grommet support A-35263. Next mount another A-14593 grommet support on rear bolt of gas tank flange at left-hand side of cowl. (See Fig 505.)

Drill a 3/8″ hole on inside of windshield support at point shown in Fig 506 and thread cable through hole bringing cable down through windshield support and through A-14593 and A-35263 grommet supports on gas tank flange and the A-14593 grommet support under head of screw at back of terminal box. next snap clip A-14596 over frame and cable at upper left-hand corner of windshield frame as shown in Fig 506.

Remove cover from front of terminal box and thread cable through hole in back of terminal box attaching end of wire to left-hand terminal bolt (from driver’s seat) in terminal box.

Replace terminal box cover.

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