Battery Bracket

Fig. 589 shows the new design battery bracket. The old design bracket will not be carried for service. Should an occasion arise where it is necessary to replace an old style bracket with the new design the new bracket can be easily installed as follows:

Drill one 25/64 inch hole in center cross

member at point shown in Fig. 590. Next bolt the new support to the center cross member and the frame side member. The rear stud in the battery bracket is inserted through the 25/64 inch drilled hole in the center cross member and fastened in place with washer A-22245 and nut A-21741. The opposite side of the battery bracket is bolted to the frame (see Fig. 589), using bolt A-20705, lockwasher A-22217 and nut A-21702. The bolt is inserted through the forward one of the two drilled holes in the frame. See Fig. 590.


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