Failure of Pinion Gear to Mesh

If stepping on the starter motor merely results in spinning of the starter motor, the trouble is caused by failure of the pinion gear to mesh with the flywheel ring gear. This condition is usually the result of gummy or rusted Bendix screw shaft threads. The remedy is to thoroughly clean the pinion gear and threaded shaft portion with kerosene, then carefully dry the parts and re-oil with a very light grade of oil. Do not use even a medium oil or any kind of grease inasmuch as such lubricants congeal in the threads in cold weather and will again result in failure of the pinion gear to properly mesh with the fly- wheel.


Lubrication of the Bendix drive is not necessary unless it is noted that the drive is rusted or exceedingly dry, or unless the drive has been cleaned with kerosene.

Care in Starting

In starting, the spark should always be retarded to prevent a back kick occurring and the possibility of the pinion gear jamming with the flywheel ring gear should the engine back kick;’ Should the engine fail to run at the first attempt to start, wait for a second be- fore again depressing the starter button, thus assuring that both engine and starting motor have come to rest and thus avoiding pinion engagement while the engine might be back- rocking. Distorted Bendix springs and broken Bendix screws are usually the result of engaging of the pinion gear under such conditions.

Reassembly of Bendix Drive

In reassembling the Bendix Drive to the armature shaft of the starting motor, use a little graphite grease or oil on the starting motor shaft and under the Bendix shaft. After reassembly and after tightening the spring screws, compress the gear and shaft portion of the drive longitudinally and make certain that it freely returns to its original length or position.

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