Fig. 872 shows the jets we use in the present design Model A carburetor.

These jets are the only Model A carburetor jets we supply’, as they can be satisfactorily used for service replacements of corresponding parts in carburetors used in 1928-29 as well as 1930 jobs.

It is true there is a slight difference in the size of the openings in the present jets as com- pared with some of the jets used in previous Model A carburetors.

This, however, in no way affects their inter- changeability or impairs satisfactory operation.

This information supersedes carburetor jet information given on page 280, September, 1928, Service Bulletin.

Under no circumstances must an old style carburetor bowl A-9512-A, which can be distinguished by a small dowel pin which enters the slot in the double venturi, be assembled to a new style upper body assembly A-9520, as the carburetor will not function properly. if these parts are assembled in this manner. If it should become necessary to change an old style bowl it can be replaced with the type we are now using by changing from the double to a single venturi. As previously stated the jets in the present design carburetor are interchangeable with the old.

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