Causes of premature Clutch Wear

Causes of premature clutch wear

Resting foot on clutch pedal while driving.

Although unnoticed this may release the clutch spring pressure just enough to permit

the clutch to slip, and cause needless wear of the clutch release bearing and the clutch disc

facings. Continual slipping of the clutch is likely to result in buckled or warped clutch plates.

Another cause of clutch wear is lack of clearance or play in the clutch pedal. That is, when the clutch pedal is depressed, there must be about 3/4” movement of the pedal before it starts to disengage the clutch. As the clutch facings wear, this clearance or play gradually becomes less. Consequently it should occasionally be checked. Under no circumstances should the car be driven without clearance or play in the clutch pedal. The adjustment can be easily made by removing the clevis pin (see “A” fig. 449) and turning the release arm rod “B”. Screwing the rod out increases the clutch pedal movement. Screwing the rod in decreases the movement. After making adjustment replaces clevis pin and cotter key.

((Fig. 449))

Indications of clutch wear

Engine racist but car does not pick up speed when shifting gears or when engine is suddenly accelerated.

Clutch pedal adjustment used up. When the clutch release rod has been turned out as far as it will go in making the previous adjustments it will be necessary to install new disks.

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