A change has been made in the location of the screw which fastens the remote control connecting link to the door lock unit. This change has been made in all door locks used on the following type bodies:

160A, Band C. Sedans

190A Victoria

79B “A” Panel Delivery

225A “A” Panel Delivery Drop Floor

85B “AA” Panel Delivery 131″ W. B. The old design locks A-161100-A, A-191100- A, A-161101-A, A-191101-A, A-162100-A, A-80055-B, A-162101-A, A-80056-B, will not be carried for service. If, after present stocks are exhausted, you receive calls for any of the above locks, supply the new design and redrill the screw hole for attaching the lock to the inside door panel so that the hole will be exactly in line with the clinch-on nut. Drill a 3⁄8” hole 27/32” below and 1 11/16“ forward from the present screw hole. (See Fig. 1187.)

The following are the symbol numbers of the new locks used on the bodies listed in the opposite column.

include table page 569 1931-06

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