Change in Driving Pinion and Retainer

The width of the tongue or lug on the driving pinion bearing nut retainer has been changed from 5/32” to .240/.245. The new retainer is listed under part number AA-4669-C. The old retainer AA-4669-BR with the 5/32” lug will be held for repairs.

To correspond with the change in the retainer, the width of the keyway in the driving pinion has also been increased. The old keyway was 11/64” wide. The width of the keyway now used in both the AA-5609-A and B driving pinion sis .250/.255. (See Figs. 1124 and 1125.)

Extreme care must be used not to confuse or mix these parts. Under no circumstances must an old retainer with the narrow tongue or lug be used with the new pinion having the wide keyway.

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