The emergency brake cross shaft for Model A chassis has been changed from a tubular to a solid design shaft. Figs. 884 and 885 show the new and old installation.

The new design shaft projects through both side members. To accommodate the new cross shaft, a pocket and hole were incorporated in the side members. This change in the side members was made sometime previous to releasing the new cross shaft. During that period it was necessary to cover the opening in the side member to keep any foreign matter from getting into the bearing in the old design cross shaft. Plate A-2846-R was used for that purpose. With the release of the new solid brake cross shaft, the plate was rio longer required in production and it has been obsoleted.

As the old side members without the pocket will not be held for service, it will accordingly be necessary, when replacing an old style side member with the present design, to insert a plate, similar to A-2846-R, between the old style cross shaft bracket and the frame. When installing this plate, lubricator A-24407 is not used at that point, and it will accordingly be necessary to pack both ends of the cross shaft with grease before assembly. This is important. The plate can be easily made from any miscellaneous stock in the shop (see insert, Fig. 885, for dimensions). This plate covers the opening in the side member and prevents dirt and water from entering the bearing.

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