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Change in Emergency Hand Brake Lever

Emergency hand brake lever assembly A-2780-C has been obsoleted.

When calls are received for this part after present stocks are exhausted supply the present design lever assembly A-2780-E.

The sector on .the new hand brake lever assembly has finer teeth. (See Fig. 961) This permits a closer braking adjustment.

When replacing an A-2780-C assembly with an A-2780-E it will be necessary to in- crease the size of the notch in the floor board and lever plate and change the location of the lever plate clip A-35120 in order to permit the new lever to swing its full arc.

The lever plate hole in the carpet or mat may also have to be adjusted.

When replacing an old style A-2795-B sector with the present design sector A-2795-C it will be necessary to install a new style pawl A-2786-D as the old and new design sectors are not interchangeable.

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