Change in Headlamp Plugs and Connections

A change has recently been made in the headlamp plugs, socket assemblies and conduits, making these parts interchangeable for both the two bulb and one bulb Two-lite headlamps. (Prior to this change the one bulb Two-lite lamp required a special plug and conduit.)

The new plug A-14584C has two indexing slots. The new base socket assembly A-1307 SB (the number on this part was not changed) , has two indexing tongues corresponding with the slots in the plug. In addition, the terminals on the headlamp wires are now soldered on rather than clinched. This produces a better contact and a more solid current path.

How these Changes Affect Service

The first design socket assembly A-13075B, having the one indexing tongue and which was used with the two bulb Two-lite lamp, will not be held for repairs. When replacing one of these socket assemblies, after present stocks are exhausted, it will also be necessary to supply the new design A-14584C plug and to replace the old headlamp wire terminals with the new design terminals A-14459C, as the old terminals cannot be used with the new plug or the new terminals used with an old plug.

The new design plug A-14584C can be used with an old design socket A-13075B. When assembling these parts however, be sure that slot “S” in the plug (see Fig. 737) indexes with the tongue marked “T” in the socket.

This is important. If these parts do not index, the headlamp beams will not be properly paired. The old design plug A-14584-BR cannot be used in the A-13075-B socket assembly having two indexing tongues.

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