Change in Truck Roller Bearing Sleeve

At the time of changing the location of the 1⁄8” pipe tap hole and adding an additional lubricator fitting in the AA-4505-F torque tube assembly it was also necessary to place an oil hole in the AA-4655 roller bearing sleeve, as the new location of the lubricator fitting comes directly over the sleeve.

The old design roller bearing sleeve had one 1⁄4″ hole. This hole was used only for removing or installing the sleeve. The new sleeve is provided with two 5/16″ holes. (See Fig. 1029) This permits assembling either end of the sleeve into the housing so that the lubricator hole in the sleeve is in direct line with the lubricator hole in the housing. The second hole can then be used for removing or installing the sleeve in service.

The old style sleeves with the 1⁄4″hole must not be used in AA-4505-F housings having the two lubricator fittings, as the old design sleeve would obstruct the lubricator hole in its new location.

The new design sleeve having the two 5/16” holes can be used in all AA-4505-F housings and will replace old style sleeves when that stock is exhausted.

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