Clutch Overhaul

Clutch Overhaul

To remove the clutch it is first necessary to remove the rear axle assembly.

To remove axle assembly proceed as follows:

Disconnect shock absorbers by removing nut and withdrawing shock absorber arm clamp bolt (see “A” fig. 450). Shock absorber arm can then be withdrawn from assembly.

Remove spring hangers by screwing off nuts on ends of hangers and tapping the hangers out with a hammer and drift. Placing a block of wood under both ends of the spring facilitates removal of the hangers.

((Fig 450.)

Disconnect rear brake rods at cross shafts.

Take out mat and floor boards and remove battery.

Disconnect speedometer cable at speedometer drive cap, see “A” fig 451. (Never bend cable in a radius smaller than 7”.)

Lift up rear end of car with chain falls and lifting hooks.

Screw out the six universal joint housing cap to transmission bolts and nuts “B” and the four universal joint housing cap bolts and nuts “C.” Fig 451. The upper and lower half of the universal joint housing cap can now be removed and the rear axle assembly withdrawn from underneath the car.

Lift off universal joint housing cap inner.

Disconnect front radius rod from bottom of clutch housing by withdrawing cotter keys and screwing off the two bolt cap nuts.

((Fig 451))

((Fig 452))

Disconnect stop light switch (see “A” fig 452).

Remove gear shifter housing by screwing out the six gear shifter housing screws (See “B” fig. 452).

Screw out the 11 clutch housing screws.

By grasping the pedals and pulling backward, the clutch can be withdrawn from the flywheel and the clutch assembly lowered to the floor.

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