Clutch Pedal Clearance

Clutch Pedal Clearance

((Fig 414))

The correct clearance or play for the clutch pedal is approximately 3/4 inch. That is when the clutch pedal is depressed there should be about 3/4 inch movement of the pedal before it starts to disengage the clutch.

As the clutch facings wear, this clearance or movement gradually grows less. Consequently it should occasionally be checked. Under no circumstances should the car be driven without clearance or play in the clutch pedal.

Adjusting Clutch Pedal Clearance

The adjustment is easily made by removing the steel pin, see “A,” Fig. 414, and turning the release arm rod “B.” Screwing the rod in increases the clutch pedal movement. Screwing the rod out decreases the movement. After making adjustment be sure to replace steel pin and cotter key.

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