The Model “A” clutch is of the multiple disc dry plate type. There are nine steel discs. Four discs, known as the driving discs, have an asbestos composition facing riveted to each side. These discs alternate with five discs of saw blade steel known as the driven discs.

The driving discs have teeth in the outer

diameter, meshing with and sliding in the internal teeth in the fly wheel.

The driven discs have teeth on the inner diameter meshing with, and sliding on, corresponding teeth in the clutch disc drum. The drum is splined to the clutch shaft and held in place with a castle nut and cotter pin.
When the clutch is engaged the coil spring

firmly presses the two sets of discs together so that they revolve as a single unit with the fly

wheel and transmit the power from the engine through the transmission.

Depressing the clutch pedal releases the spring pressure on the plates, which in turn disconnects the engine from the transmission.

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