Due to a typographical error it was stated on page 302 in the December Bulletin that the Front Shock Absorber adjustment for cold weather was made by screwing the needle valve in until it seats, then backing the valve off 3/8 of a turn. This should have read 5/8 of a turn.

From letters received it is evident that some owners believe that the screen in the gasoline tank is intended as a strainer. As a matter of fact this screen is placed in the tank solely as a fire preventative.

The camshaft has been redesigned-the new shaft is of the three bearing design and replaces the five bearing shaft formerly used. The new shaft can be used in both old and new cars.

Under no circumstances should any of the devices advertised as anti-shimmy stops be installed on the Model “A.” The construction of the Model “A” front end is exceptionally efficient, and there is absolutely no occasion for the installation of any type of anti-shimmy device.

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