Coupe Seat Adjustment

Coupe Seat Adjustment


While the standard seating arrangement in the coupe is designed to furnish maximum comfort for the average size driver provision has also been made for drivers of larger or smaller than average size. This has been accomplished by designing the seat so that it can be moved 1 5/8” forward or backward from the standard position.

To move back coupe seat proceed as follows:

Lift out seat cushion.

Remove the four seat back cushion bracket screws (see “A” Fig. 519) and shear off rivets “B.”

Screw off the nuts on the ends of the four package tracy bar bolts “C” and remove bolts and washers.

Assemble package tray bar in rear position as shown in Fig. 519, cutting off the 1 5/8 overhand of the package tray upholstery. (In the business coupe the package tray adjusting strip is now being assembled in the rear position.)

Install seat back cushion brackets, part A-47942-B, (See “D” Fig 519) in place of the standard brackets removed, using a bolt and nut in place of a rivet to hold bracket to seat riser.

Replace seat cushion.

In addition to moving back the seat, the lower part of the seat back can be moved 1 5/8 forward from the standard position by removing the four seat bar bracket screws and turning the bracket to the forward position as shown at “E” Fig. 519. With the screws removed the bracket can be easily turned by lightly tapping it with a hammer. Next replace the four seat bracket screws and install seat cushion.

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