Several instances have been reported of dealers increasing the width of the plate lever notch in the distributor body in endeavoring to increase the travel of the plate lever.

This is exceedingly poor practice and must be discontinued at once.

The plate lever notch in the distributor body is accurately machined to permit the lever to travel 20° from the fully retarded to the fully advanced spark lever position. See Fig. 950. When the width of the notch is in- creased it permits the lever to travel beyond the recommended 20° range and this of course affects the timing.

Before timing an engine always check the travel of the plate lever. This can be easily done by fully retarding the spark lever on the steering gear quadrant then noting whether the plate lever is touching against the side of the notch. Next pull the spark lever all the way down on the quadrant to the fully advanced position and see if the plate lever is touching the opposite side of the notch. If the plate lever does not make the full 20° travel disconnect the spark control rod (see Fig. 951) and slightly bend the control rod lever (see Fig. 95,2) until the plate lever

touches one side of notch in distributor body when spark lever is fully advanced and touches opposite side when lever is fully retarded. Do not under any circumstances attempt to correct this condition by increasing the width of notch in distributor body.

After checking travel of plate lever proceed with timing operation in usual way. When the timing operation is completed the travel of the lever should again be checked. When timing ignition do not remove distributor body.

Inasmuch as there has been some mis- understanding on the part of mechanics please make correct travel of plate lever a part of your regular inspection.

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