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The AA-5089-B and 5090-B frame to engine rear supports have been redesigned and are now made from heavier gauge metal.

Redesigning the support eliminated the double thickness of stock formerly used at the inner and outer ends of the old design sup- ports (see Fig. 857). It also changed the length of the frame to engine rear support bolts.

The new design boltA-20751-S2 is 1 5/8“ long. It is not long enough to use with the old design support. The old design bolt A-20758-S2 which was 1%” long has been obsoleted.

If after present stocks are exhausted you should receive any calls for the old style A-20758-S2 bolts, supply bolt A-20782-S2. As this bolt is a trifle longer than the A-20758-S2 bolt, it will be necessary to furnish two A-22217 lock washers with the A-20782-S2 bolt-one of these washers to be slipped over the end of the bolt to compensate for its extra length, the other washer to be used to lock the nut which is used with the bolt, as this bolt is not drilled for a castle nut and cotter key

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