Front Radius Rod

When connecting the ball end of the front radius rod to the clutch housing, it is very important that the ball cap bolt sleeve (A-3435) is in place on both radius rod ball cap bolts. The sleeves prevent the ball cap springs being fully compressed when the ball cap nuts are tightened. If the sleeves are not in place, the radius rod ball will be clamped solidly between the ball caps, thus preventing it from having its natural motion with the action of the front springs. This condition throws a heavy strain on the end of the rod where the ball is attached and may cause a fracture at that point.

The front radius rod is connected to the

clutch housing as follows: Slip radius rod ball socket over ends of ball cap bolts. Place a little cup grease on radius rod ball and insert ball into ball socket. Place bolt sleeves over ends of ball cap bolts and position ball cap over sleeves and against ball. Next insert the two ball cap springs over the sleeves and run down the two ball cap nuts sufficiently far to permit locking them in place with cotter keys.

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