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Restoring history one car at a time

Front Wheel Alignment


Front wheel toe-in has been changed from 3/16” to 1/16” plus or minus 1/32”. (See A and B Fig. 576) This new adjustment insures the maximum front tire life.

Change in spindle arm

Spindle arms A-3130-B and A-3131-B have also been changed, i.e., the distance between center line of shoulder (which fits in the spindle) and center line of ball has been changed from 1 1/8” to 13/16” (See Fig 577). The distance between the shoulder and ball has also been changed from 4 7/8” to 4 15/16”.

These changes in the spindle arm reduce front tire wear to a minimum when turning corners.

To correct excessive tire wear:

Adjust front wheel toe-in to 1/16” plus or minus 1/32”. In practically every case this adjustment will correct any complaints of premature tire wear. Should an instance arise where it failed to correct the trouble, install the new-type spindle arms.


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