Generator Charging Rate

With the arrival of arm weather the generator charging rate should be checked and if necessary readjusted. For average driving a charging rate of six amperes for slightly less is sufficient and prevents the possibility of overcharging the battery. This rate can, of course, be increased or decreased to meet individual requirements. For example, the owner who takes long daylight trips can operate with a comparatively low rate. On the other hand the owner who makes numerous stops can increase the normal charging rate if the battery shows indications of running down.

To adjust Charging rate

Remove generator cover and loosen field brush holder lock screw (See “A” Fig. 522). The field brush holder can be easily identified as it operates in a slot in the brush holder ring and which is provided with a locking screw. The remainder of the brush holders are riveted to the ring and are not movable.

To increase the charging rate, shift the field brush holder in the direction of rotation to reduce the rate shift the brush in the opposite direction. The output of the generator is indicated by the ammeter located on the instrument panel.

See that the generator commutator is clean. To clean the commutator use a narrow strip of fine sandpaper (not emery cloth). With the engine running hold the sandpaper against the commutator until the commutator is clean and bright.


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