Installing Laundau Irons


Not infrequently owners of the business coupe desire to add to the attractiveness of their cars by installing landau irons.

To meet this demand we are now furnishing through service, landau irons complete with necessary parts for installation, for the business coupe.

Installation instructions

First locate the drilled hole in both quarter lock pillars at points indicated in Fib. 559. These holes are covered with trim material but can be easily located by running your finger along the pillar. See Fig 559. Using the hole int he pillar as a locating point, drill a 7/16” hole through the side of body; then assemble upper end of landau iron to body by means of the stud, spacer washer and nut.

Line up lower spacer with lower end of iron and insert a pencil through iron and spacer; then swing iron downward at the same time lightly marking on the side of the body the arc or radius that the iron describes. (See Fig 558). Next draw a horizontal line 1 3/4” above the molding point where the two lines intersect , drill a 7/16” hole and assemble lower part of iron to body, screwing the stud into the landau bracket. The landau bracket is assembled to the quarter belt rail by means of three screws, as shown in Fig 559.


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