Interchangeable Lock Cylinders

A change has been made in the lock cylinders in the ignition and handle locks used with Tudor, A-panel, AA-panel and DeLuxe De- livery. Interchangeable lock cylinders are also used in the locks in the new Victoria Coupe and Special Delivery.

Cars and trucks equipped with interchange- able lock cylinders use but one key. That is the same key operates both the ignition and door handle locks.

To include the tire lock in this group, tire locks will be shipped less the cylinders. Dealers will carry blank cylinders in stock.

When a new tire lock is sold by a dealer the dealer will take a blank cylinder out of stock and form the tumblers to the key which comes with the car. This can be easily done in the following manner.

Insert key into blank cylinder. If key binds do not force it into the cylinder-lightly tap end of key and it will slip into place. Insert lock cylinder into opening in special pliers (52-2797), see Fig. 1033, pushing the cylinder all the way down until shoulder of cylinder rests against face of pliers. Squeeze plier handles until it is possible to turn the cylinder in the pliers. The hole in the pliers acts as a gauge. When the cylinder can be turned while the plier handles are being squeezed it indicates the tumblers are correctly formed. After forming tumblers, insert lock cylinder into lock.

removing Lock Cylinder

To remove a lock cylinder in the new handle locks, insert key into lock cylinder. Place tool 52-2794 over key making sure that the pin in the tool enters the small opening at the side of the cylinder. (See Fig. 1034.) By pressing downward, the lock cylinder will snap out of the lock. The old design lock cylinders are not removable. The new lock cylinders can be easily distinguished from the old design by a small hole at the side of the cylinder. (See Fig. 1035.) The 52-2797 special pliers and 52-2794 removing tool can be obtained from branches at the following list prices and are subject to dealers’ regular parts discount:

52-2797 – – – – – – – $1.25

5Z-2794 – – – – – – – .05

Key Record

The lock keys are numbered serially. When delivering a new car to an owner the dealer must keep a record of each key number so that in case of loss, a new key can be obtained. The car owner should also be instructed to make a record of his key number.

This is important — as the door lock cylinders are not numbered.


To lessen any possibility of dust getting into the distributor, the height of the locating pin slot in the distributor body was reduced approximately 5/64”, also the 3/32” radius undercut at each corner of the plate lever slot was removed (See Fig. 1036).

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