To still further improve ease of steering, the ball on all steering joints are now being burnished smooth.

A threaded metal insert is being molded into the A-7213 gear shift lever ball. This metal insert lessens any possibility of strip- ping the threads in the ball.

To maintain concentricity of truck coupling shaft and lessen any whip of the coupling and drive shafts, the type of steel in the coupling shafts has been changed and the limit for run out reduced to .010″. To still further reduce whip, the diameter of the coupling shaft on the 157″ truck has been increased 1/8”, The diameter of the old shaft was 1 5/16”, the new shaft is 1 7/16”.

The depth of the case hardening on the truck axle driving gear and pinion has been increased. Increasing the depth of the case hardening still further adds to the life of the gears.

The location of the lubricator fittings on the spindle connecting rods have been changed from the front to the rear of the spindle connecting rod ends.

This new location makes these fittings more accessible.

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