New Piston Pin Retainer For Service

In addition to the new A-6140-A piston pin retainer now being used in production and which was described in the July Bulletin, a new retainer A-6140-BR has been released to take care of service requirements in cars having rods and pins with the previous design wider retainer groove. The new retainer will be available within the next few weeks, at which time you will be advised.

The width of the A-6140-A retainer used in present production is .115/.116. The width of the new service retainer A-6140-BR is .126/.127.

The former design retainer A-6140 which was .120”/.123” has been obsoleted.

As soon as the new retainers are available. any stock of A-6140 retainers you have on hand should be returned to your Branch for credit and an order placed covering your requirements of the new retainers.

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