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If trouble is experienced through loss of water through the overflow pipe, it can usually be corrected by cutting a 1″ round washer from brass stock, punching a 3/8“ hole in it and turning up a flange around the edge of the hole so that the sharp edge won’t cut into the overflow pipe.

Place this washer over the overflow pipe with the flange turned up, forcing the washer down over the hole in the baffle. Then solder washer to baffle at two or three points.

This can be done without removing radiator -simply drain the water and blow radiator dry.

Next bend the pipe in accordance with sketches 887 and 888.

When bending the overflow pipe, place some support against the pipe and bend the pipe as close to the splash plate as possible. The pipe must be bent back until the open end of the pipe touches the neck of the filler wall.

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