New Starter Switch Spring and Battery Cable

The starter switch assembly spring has been changed from an angular to a flat spring, and the top of the starter motor terminal machined flat instead of at an angle so that it will correspond with the spring.

The change in the switch necessitated making a slight change in the position of the battery to switch cable terminal, the terminal now extending straight out (see Fig. 587) instead of at right angles to the cable as shown in dotted outline.

When replacing an old style starter switch assembly with the present design switch, it will be necessary to file down the starter motor terminal until the top of the terminal is flat and extends 11/32” to 3/8” above the surface of the yoke. (See Fig. 586.) If the old style battery cable is used with the new switch it will also be necessary to bend the terminal so that it extends straight out. On the other hand, if a new cable is used with an old switch it will be necessary to bend the terminal at right angles to the cable. (See Fig. 587.)


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