To provide still better support for the various type bodies mounted on the 131 1⁄2″ wheelbase frame, the frame has been lengthened 1O”. The new frame will be known as the 131 1⁄2″ wheelbase “long” frame AA-5005-D. The length of the side members AA-5015-16-C used in this frame measure 181-5/16” (see Fig. 1146).

In addition, a frame assembly has been re- leased for dump trucks and the service car model 229-A. This frame assembly is 11 1⁄2″ shorter than the AA-5005-D frame mentioned above. The side members AA-50I5-16-A measure 169 13/16“ (see Fig. 1146). This frame assembly will be known as the 131 1⁄2″ wheel-base “short” frame AA-5005-B.

The former design 131 1⁄2″ wheelbase frame assembly and component parts which was also carried under symbol AA-5005-B and whose side members measured 171-5/16” will no longer be supplied after present stocks are exhausted. If calls are received for a 171-h-” side member, after present stocks are exhausted, supply the 169 13/16” side member. The slight difference in the length of these members in no way affects their interchange- ability. It will, however, be necessary to bend the flange of the AA-5035-A No. 5 cross member downward in order to have it conform with the straight section of the new design side member. A “C” clamp can be used to draw the flange of the old cross member down to the new side member when bolting the cross member in place (see Fig. 1147.) The length of the

straight section of the side members has been increased from 5″ to 19-61/64”.

The new design No. 5 cross members AA-5035-C used with the 169-13/16” and the 181-5/16” side members can be used with the 171-5/16” side members by slightly bending the flange of No. 5 cross member upward in order to conform with the long taper on the old style side members.

Due to the difference in depth at rear end of the side members, the AA-185050-AR floor to chassis “U” bolt-short is replaced with AA-185057 floor to chassis “U” bolt-medium. The AA-185050-AR bolt will be held for service for use with old design frames.

Also due to the increased length of the new AA-5005-D frame assembly, it was necessary to increase the length of the rear lamp wiring assembly. The old rear lamp wiring assembly AA-14405-C has been replaced by AA-14405-D, which is 1011 longer than the AA-14405-C wiring assembly. The AA-14405-D wiring assembly can be used with any one of the above mentioned frame assemblies. When using it with short frames, the excess wire can be folded back and clipped to the frame.

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