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Fig. 839 shows the new design truck rear hubs.

The new hubs supersede the former design disc wheel hubs. The new hubs are serviced in the AA-1113-F right hand and the AA-1114-F left hand hub and brake drum assemblies.

The shoulder on the new hub is 25/32”thicker than the old style hub. This changes the rear wheel tread from 54 to 55 1/2” and provides ample clearance between body and rear wheel and permits using the same hub for both dual and single wheel equipment, regard- less of which type of our bodies is mounted.

Due to increasing the thickness of the shoulder on the new hub, it was necessary to correspondingly increase the length of the hub bolts. The new bolts AA-1118-E and AA-1119-E are 3 27/32’’ long. The old bolts AA-1118-CR and 1119-CR were 3 1/8” long.

The AA-1118-E bolt has a right hand thread and is used with AA-1113-F hub and brake drum assembly.

The AA-1119-E bolt has a left hand thread and is used with AA-1114-F hub and brake drum assembly.

The left hand thread bolts can be easily distinguished from the right hand thread bolts by a center hole or countersink on the inside end of the bolt (see Fig. 840).

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