Phaeton and Roadster Door Handles

The new inside and outside door handles which are now furnished as standard equipment on open cars can be easily installed on Phaetons and Roadsters not so equipped, by proceeding as follows:

  1. Remove old lock.
  2. Place new lock in place, fastening with two screws to locate.
  3. Drill through square hole in lock dog, using a 11/32-inch diameter drill. Drill squarely through outside panel.
  4. Using a 1/2-inch diameter drill, enlarge hole in outer panel, drilling from outside of door.
  5. Insert handle assembly and place escutcheon plate against door panel; with holes in vertical position drill 2 holes 3/16-inch diameter.
  6. Remove handle and escutcheon.
  7. Enlarge the two 3/16-inch holes by redrilling to 29/64-inch diameter.
  8. Remove lock.
  9. Insert reinforcement A-35634 and line up with three holes now drilled in outer panel.
  10. Insert two clinch on nuts A-21573 through holes in panel and reinforcement and peen over on outside panel.
  11. Assemble lock, placing all screws in place.
  12. Place pad A-35630 under escutcheon and insert shank through dog and apply two screws A-20214.
  13. Place washer A-22308 on inside of door against cardboard and place handle A-35632 on end of square shank and fasten on with screw A-20212.
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