When installing a new pinion and bearing sleeve assembly, for a start replace the same amount of shims between sleeve and axle housing that were removed (see Fig. 829). These shims control the adjustment between ring gear and pinion. After bolting sleeve to housing, check the back lash between ring gear and pinion. The back lash between these parts must be between .006 and .014 and should be checked on several splines around the pinion shaft. If the back lash is less than .006, add the necessary amount of shims to give the desired clearance. If the lash is more than .014, remove shims to obtain correct clearance.

The correct method of checking the back lash between the pinion and ring gear is by means of an indicator (see Fig. 830). Experienced mechanics can often determine the approximate amount of lash between the gears by “feel.” That is by gripping the pinion shank and turning it back and forth as shown in Fig. 831.

When an indicator is used in checking the lash, it must be borne in mind that, due to the difference in the diameters of the pinion, and the spline end of the pinion shaft, the back lash indicated at the splines will only show a .003 to .008 reading-this will be the correct measurement to work to. In other words a .003 to .008 movement at the point where the indicator is attached (see Fig. 830) is equivalent to .006 to .014 backlash between pinion and ring gear.

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