Remove Steering Gear


Should it be necessary to remove a steering gear from the car and dismantle the assembly it can be done as follows:


Disconnect spark and throttle rods. (See A, Fig 493)

Remove lighting switch, B. To remove switch unsnap lighting switch bail and remove lighting switch and wire assembly. Press upward on operating spider and lift out spider retainer. Spider and spring will then slip off of shaft.

Withdraw lighting switch handle and horn switch assembly (See A, Fig 494) and screw off steering wheel nut. Wheel can then be withdrawn from shaft.

Screw off steering gear arm clamp bolt nut (See A, Fig 495), and withdraw arm by taping it off of sector shaft.

Remove the two housing to frame bolts (see B, fig 495).


Take out mat and floor boards and disconnect battery cable, pushing the cable to one side so that it will not interfere when the assembly is withdrawn.

Screw out the two steering column support screws and lift off support.


Steering assembly can now be withdrawn from front end of car. Turning the assembly in position shown in Fig. 496 will allow sufficient clearance to withdraw it.


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