Shock Absorber Adjustment

Cold weather adjustment for cars equipped with shock absorbers having square end needle valve is made as follows:

Rear shock absorbers—Screw needle valve in until it seats, then back valve off 1/2 to 5/8 of a turn.

Front shock absorbers—screw needle valve in until it seats, then back valve off 3/8 of a turn.

Shock absorbers provided with needle valve pointers—set rears at 3 to 4, fronts 2 to 3.

Check level of glycerine in reservoir. Every 5000 miles the level of the glycerine in the reservoir should be brought up to the filler plug opening.


See that the electrolyte in the battery is at the proper level and all connections are clean and tight.

Engine Oil:

See that the oil pan is filled with the proper grade of winter engine oil (see page 291, October Bulletin).


See that hose connections are tight and in sections where freezing weather prevails that the radiator is filled with anti-freeze solution.

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