Spring Covers

This new design spring cover prevents spring squeaks and protects the spring from dirt and water. A feature of this new cover is the special oil pad in the cover which keeps the springs constantly lubricated and maintains their original easy riding qualities without further attention. List $4.25



How to Install

First roll up felt pad and place it on top of spring as shown in fig 541. Then insert end of pad up into rear cross member. Next unroll pad moving it either up or down on top of spring until opposite end of pad lines up with end of No. 2 spring leaf.

Place spring cover over spring and pad making sure that spring clip bolt and nut enters slotted opening on each side of cover provided for that purpose (See A, fig. 542).

Press firmly around bottom of spring, making sure that the flap which is sewed to cover rests smoothly against bottom of spring. Next draw both sides of cover together by means of the fasteners provided. The fasteners are drawn in place by inserting the steel tongue through wire hinge. (See Fig 543)

Next draw the tongue back until the edges of the cover practically meet.

The tongue is locked in place by firmly pressing down the two lugs over the sides of the tongue and folding the end of the tongue over so that it makes a neat appearance. (See Fig 543.)


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