Before delivering a car to an owner, whether it is a new car or one that has been in for service, make it one of the rules of your shop to see that it is absolutely free of any conditions that would cause a squeak or rattle. Some squeaks are comparatively easy to locate, others, especially when they occur around the front end of a car, are often difficult to locate.

Here are some points to check when looking for squeaks hard to locate.

See that there is a slight clearance between fender apron and hood shelf, also between dust shield and hood shelf. That the hood shelf is not rubbing against radiator shell or the bumper arm. That there is some clearance between radiator splash shield and front cross member-that the hood clips have not been allowed to become dry or rusted;

There should be a slight clearance between all of these parts. If there is a metal to metal contact between fender apron and hood shelf or dust shield and hood shelf, it will be necessary to remove the hood shelf and lightly file the outer edge of the bottom of the shelf to provide a slight clearance.

If the hood shelf is rubbing against the radiator shell or bumper arm or if there is a metal to metal contact at any of the other points mentioned, sufficient clearance can be obtained by inserting a small pry between the parts.

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