Three different type starter drive assemblies have been used on Ford cars, namely:

T-5018-1883 drive-Used on Model T cars.

A-11350-DR drive-Service replacement for the Abell drive used on early Model A cars.

A-11350-C drive-used in present production and service.

While the parts used in these drives resemble each other somewhat, there is considerable difference in their construction.

To avoid starter drive failure, it is absolutely essential that only the correct type parts are used with each type of drive. The following parts should be closely checked:


Three different shaft screws have been used with the different types of starter drives used in Ford cars.

The shaft screws used with the Model T starter drive (T-5018-1883) are 5/8“ long and are carried under symbol No. T-5023-1983. (See Fig. 1189.)

The shaft screw A-11382-BR used on the early Model A starter replacement drive was a headless screw. (See Fig. 1189.)

The shaft screw A-11382-A used on the present Model A starter drive is 11/16” long. (See Fig. 1189.)

Under no circumstances should a T-5023-1983 screw be used in replacement of an A-11382-A screw, as the screw would doubtless pull out or break off at the head as it is shorter and was not designed for use with the heavier Model A drive spring. The A-11382-A screw can, however, be used in replacement of the T-5023-1983 screw.

To avoid any possibility of confusing or mixing these screws, carefully check your stock and make certain that no “T” screws are mixed with the “A” screws.

After present stocks are exhausted, we will obsolete the T-5023-1983 shaft spring screw and use the present design A-11382-A screw for any “T” replacements.


Fig. 1190 shows the different type starter head spring screws used in Ford cars. None of these screws can be used interchangeably due to the differences in design and material. Your stock of these parts should be carefully checked and kept segregated. T-5024-1781 is used with the “T” drive. A-11377-DR is used with the early replacement drive. A-11377-C is used with the present “A” drive.


Fig. 1191 indicates the distinguishing dimensions of the various size starter drive springs used in Ford cars. None of these springs can be used interchangeably. Check and segregate your stock. T-5022-2006 is used with the “T” drive. A-11375-DR is used with the replacement drive. A-11375-C is used with the present “A” drive


Service sleeves installed on the various type starter drives used in Ford cars are shown in Fig. 1192. As none of these sleeves can be used interchangeably, care must be used to segregate stock so as to avoid mixing of any of these parts. T-2008-X is used with the “T” drive. A-11357-BR used with replacement drive. A-11357-A used with present “A” drive.

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