Steering Gear Assembly

Insert spark and throttle rods through steering shaft upper bushing, then slip the two anti-rattlers back until they come into contact with the two small notches on the rods.

Next insert spark and throttle rods, together with steering shaft upper bushing, into steering gear housing; tap the bushing down until the screw holes in the bushing line up with the ends of the spark and throttle rods slip into the spark and throttle-rod openings in the housing. It is necessary to guide the rods into the openings. After installing upper bushing replace the two steering column tube screws.

The control rod springs and levers are next replaced; make sure to rivet the pins tightly. When installing the levers be sure that the ball end of the lever to which the throttle rod is attached points upward, while the ball end of the lever to which the spark rod is attached points downward (See B, Fig 501).


Next slip the upper worm thrust bearing over the end of the shaft, sliding the bearing down until it rests against the worm. The shaft is next inserted into the housing until the front end of the shaft enters steering shaft upper bushing and the worm rests against the upper thrust bearing. Insert lower bearing over end of steering shaft.

Place steering shaft lower bearing shims over lower bearing assembly, replacing same number of shims of same thickness as were removed. These shims are made in three thicknesses, .0025”, .005” .010”, and are used to take up any end play in steering shaft. Should end play develop remove a shim.

Lower bearing assembly is next inserted into gear housing and bolted in place by means of the four cap screws and lock washers. When replacing the assembly make certain that the 3/16” oil hole which is drilled into it at an angle has its open end toward the top of the steering gear. This is important.

Place worm sector thrust washer over end of sector with notched side of washer toward toothed end of sector, then mesh sector with worm.

Place steering gear housing on its side and fill with steering gear lubricant. The assembly holds approximately 7 3/4 ounces of lubricant.

Replace steering gear housing cap and gasket by running in the three lock washers and screws which bolt cap to housing. This completes the build-up.

The steering wheel should now be placed on the shaft and the assembly checked to make sure that it turns freely and there is not excessive play between sector and worm. To check play between sector and worm measure the backlash in the steering wheel. The backlash is measured at the outer circumference of the wheel and should not exceed 1” when steering wheel is turned. Should it exceed 1” check end play adjustments as described on page 240 ((LINK TO STEERING ADJUSTMENTS)). If this fails to correct the trouble install a new sector.

To install steering gear assembly in car, reverse the operations for removal as described on page 241 under heading of “Remove Steering Gear.” ((LINK))

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