Steering Gear Housing

The drilled hole in the steering sector shaft, through which the lubricant in the steering gear housing was carried to the sector shaft bushings, has now been discontinued. Sector shaft bushings are now lubricated by means of a lubricator fitting placed in the steering gear housing. (See A, Fig 570) Lubricant should be forced into this fitting every 2,000 miles.

Should an instance arise where it is necessary to install the present design sector in an old steering gear assembly, it will be necessary to install a lubricator fitting in the housing. This is done by drilling a 21/64” hole 2-3/32” back from the center line of flange where housing is bolted to frame. (See Fig 571) The hole should be drilled through housing and sector bushing and then tapped with a standard 1/8” pipe tap. When tapping the hole do not tap too deep. The hole should be tapped just deep enough so that when the lubricator fitting is screwed down tightly approximately two threads on the fitting will remain above the surface of the housing. (See Fig 571)



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