Steering Wheel

If a steering wheel is installed so that one of the spokes in the wheel obstructs the driver’s view of the speedometer the condition can be corrected by removing steering wheel and turning it so that the line of vision to the speedometer is midway between the spokes in the wheel. (See fig 466)

To remove steering wheel on cars equipped with present design lighting switch, unsnap lighting switch bail and remove lighting switch and wire assembly. Press upward on operating spider and lift our spider retainer. Spider and retainer will then slip off of shaft.

Next pull the lighting switch handle and horn switch assembly back sufficiently far to permit screwing off the steering wheel nut. Steering wheel can then be withdrawn from shaft. Turning the wheel one spline on the shaft is usually sufficient to insure unobstructed view of speedometer.

To remove steering wheel on cars equipped with former design switch in which the wires were attached by snap terminals, take off switch cover and disconnect horn wire, then loosen lightning switch operating spider screw. Lighting switch handle and horn switch assembly can then be withdrawn, the steering wheel nut backed off, and the wheel removed.

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