The Steering Wheel


The model A steering gear is one of the worm and sector type. It responds quickly to movements of the wheel under the hands of the driver, is especially geared for handling balloon tires, and due to its efficient construction there is no possibility of the wheel being jerked from the driver’s hands by ruts or bumps in the road.

The thrust on the worm is taken up by two roller thrust bearings placed at eat end of the worm. The worm is splined on the steering shaft giving much stronger construction than the ordinary practice of using a single key.

Another feature sis the steering column. In order to prevent any binding of the steering worm shaft, it is imperative to hold all bearings in positive alignment. This is done in the model A steering gear assembly by welding the steering gear column to the housing (a new practice in automobile design), making the housing and tube into a rigid, sturdy one-piece unit.

Little Attention Required from a Repair Standpoint

Owing to efficient design and sturdy construction, the model A steering gear assembly with ordinary care will last indefinitely and should require little attention from a repair standpoint.

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