Truck Deck Door Support

Figure 578 shows the new deck door support now standard in roadster and all coupes without rumble seat.

The new support can be easily installed on cars equipped with the old-design support by proceeding as follows:

Drill a 9/32” hole in deck drain trough 3-3/32” from center line of rivet “B.” (See fig 579.) Next remove the two screws “A” and bolt “B” from old style support.



The new support is installed by replacing screws “A” (See fig 578) in the same holes from which they were removed and assembling lower part of support to deck drain trough by means of bolt A-20597; one each flat washers A-22266; A-22154; lock washer A-22165 and nut 21668. (See insert Fig. 578.) When bolting new support to drain trough insert bolt through new hole which was drilled.

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