Well Fenders

To meet the demand of passenger car owners who desire fender well equipment, also commercial concerns desiring right fender with well for pick-ups due to carrying ladders, etc., on the left side of car, we are prepared to furnish both right and left front fenders with wells together with spare wheel carrier.

Ford fender well equipment harmonizes with the attractive appearance of the car. It can be installed on either right or left side without interfering with opening of doors. The spare wheel and tire can be easily mounted or removed from carrier.

The equipment is available at the following list prices:

  • a-16035 Front Fender—with well—R.H $8.25
  • A-16536 Front fender—with well—L.H.. 8.25
  • A1406 Spare Wheel carrier flange assy.. .50
  • A-1405 Spare wheel carrier support… 1.15
  • A-1415 spare wheel carrier bracket …. 1.20
  • A-1410 Spare wheel carrier anti-rattler… .05
  • A-21894 Spare wheel carrier support nut.. .05
  • A-22370 Spare wheel carrier support washer.. .01
  • A-23552 Spare wheel carrier support cotter.. doz .. .05
  • A-20732 Spare wheel carrier bracket bolt.. .03
  • A-21701 Spare wheel carrier bracket nut.. .02
  • A-23516 Spare wheel carrier bracket cotter… doz .. .03
  • A-76745 Door check strap —open cars.. .10
  • A73487 Door check strap—closed cars… .20

Installing Fender Well

To install right-hand fender with well remove front fender, running board and running board shield.

Drill three 11/32” holes in frame at points indicated in Fig 509 and bolt support bracket to frame as shown in Fig 510.


Bore a 1 5/8” hole in running board shield at point shown in Fig 509, and install anti-rattler with cutaway side pointing downward and edge of running board shield between upper and lower half of anti-rattler. Replace running board and running board shield and install fender.

Insert carrier support through bracket, licking it in place with castle nut and cotter pin. (See Fig. 510).

Place spare wheel carrier support flange over end of support. Position washer against Flange and run down castle nut and cotter key. Wheel can then be mounted on carrier support flange.

The left-hand fender well installation is the same as the right hand except that frame is already drilled and therefore it is not necessary to remove running board and running board shield. Locate carrier support hole in shield by means of support bracket.


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