Wheel carrier assembly strengthened.

Changes have been made int he A-1379-B and A-1380-B wheel carrier assemblies which considerably strengthen these parts. The thickness of the body flange, also the lower part of the wheel flange has been changed from 4/16” to 1/4” and a solid boss added. (See Figs. 1023 and 1024.) To compensate for the change in design a wheel flange stuff A-1449-C is now being used in the lower part of the flange in place of the A-1449-BR bolt. The old design A-1449-BR spare wheel carrier bolt lower will be held for repairs.

After present stocks of old style A-20935-S1 bolts are exhausted use the new design bolt. This bolt can be distinguished from the old design by the difference in length. (See Figs. 1023 and 1024.)

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